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Welcome to Dance New York, the premier ballroom and latin dance studio in Iowa.  Let us make you the popular and confident dancer you want to be!  Nobody can make the experience easier and more fun than our highly trained professional staff.  Look around to see what we offer, and what we can do for you!

The Faces that Match the Feet
Edward Simon


Co-owner & Professional Dance Coach

Mr. Simon is a Cedar Rapids native and a founding partner of the original Dance New York studio in New York City.
As a competing professional, Edward has won over 100 major events including:
·   United States American Ballroom Champion
·   World Classic Showdance Finalist
·   United States Theatrical Finalist
·   1999 North American Dance Award for “Favorite Couple of the Year”

Since his retirement from competition, Mr. Simon has become a distinguished coach, judge, and ambassador for dancesport.  Some of his many honors include:

·   2003 North American Dance Award Nominee for “Choreographer of the Year”
·   2004 North American Dance Award Nominee for “Coach of the Year”
·   Member of the National Dance Board for Dance Educators of America.
·   Member of the Board of Governors for the National Dance Council of America.

Susie Murray


Co-owner & Professional Dance Instructor

Mrs. Murray has been with Dance New York Iowa since 2001, and has been co-owner of the studio since May 2004.
In addition to her rigorous business management and teaching duties, she also competes with her students in Pro-Am events throughout the country.

She has been competing in Pro-Am competitions since 2002.  Some of her students' recent accomplishments include:

  • Top Silver Student at the 2010 Twin Cities Open
  • Silver Smooth Scholarship Winner at 2010 Nebraska Invitational
  • Top Studio at 2010 Nebraska Invitational
  • Top Studio at 2010 Twin Cities Open

At the 2007 Chicago Harvest Moon Championships, Susie was recognized as being one of the “Top Teachers”, an award given to the top 10 instructors at the event.  In addition, Susie was the highest ranking female in the top 10.

She and her professional partner, Derrick, have danced their way to numerous accomplishments:

  • Rising Star Professional American Smooth Finalists at the 2010 Volunteer State Dance Challenge
  • Professional Open American Smooth and International Standard Champions at the 2010 Dance Vision Classic
  • 2010 Colorado Star Ball Rising Star International Standard Champions

Derrick Murray

Professional Dance Instructor

Derrick began his dance career competing as an amateur at competitive events across the country.  He started his professional career at Dance New York- Iowa in 2006, and has been training social and competitive dancers in all styles of ballroom & latin dances ever since.

He and his students routinely compete at dance competitions all over the U.S.  At the 2010 Dance Vision Classic, Derrick was named a "Top Teacher" for the event.  He was also named the "Top Teacher" at the Iowa Dancesport Classic from 2007-2013.

He and Susie have been competing as a Professional couple in the American Smooth & International Standard categories at top competitions across the United States.  Their travels have taken them to:

  • St. Louis Star Ball

  • Ohio Star Ball

  • Twin Cities Open

  • Colorado Star Ball

  • Windy City Open (Chicago, IL)

  • Heart of America Championships (Kansas City, MO)

  • Indiana Challenge

  • Holiday Dance Classic (Las Vegas, NV)

  • Wisconsin State Dancesport Championships

  • Nebraska Invitational

  • Chicago Harvest Moon Championships

  • Volunteer State Dance Challenge

Kali Henson

Professional Dance Instructor

Kali discovered her passion for dancing in 2010.  While attending Cornell College, she taught Charleston, Lindy Hop, and Blues.  She also choreographed several routines that the students performed both on campus and in the community.

She continues to be very active in the Midwest swing dance community, and competed in the 2013 Hawkeye Swing Festival in Iowa City, IA.

Besides swing dancing, she was also inspired by latin dance during her time abroad in Guatemala.  There she learned Salsa and Bachata while studying under the leading latin dancers in Quetzaltenango.  From there, Kali brought back her knowledge to teach students at Cornell College.

Kali enjoys meeting new people through dance and bonding over the unique qualities of life that only dancers can understand.  She enjoys teaching a variety of group classes in all styles at the studio, and especially likes working with wedding couples in private lessons preparing for their first dances together!

Austin Neverman

Professional Dance Instructor
Austin Neverman began his dance career as a line dancer during his high school years. Upon admission to Cornell College, he became immersed in the world of swing dancing, taking part in Swing competitions three of his four Cornell years. He choreographed a variety of showcases becoming one of the top Swing instructors at Cornell and eventually spearheading the development of one of the most successful dance organizations on campus.

During his college years, Austin also taught and dabbled in various other dances such as Salsa, Waltz, the Polka, Bachata, Blues, Foxtrot, etc. As a result joined Dance New York-Iowa upon graduation from Cornell with the goal of continuing to learn and contribute to the world of dance via the very experienced and professional Dance New York-Iowa Team.

Austin enjoys choreographing fun and flashy showcase performances with his students to be performed at events throughout the Midwest!

Yolanda Kerr

Professional Dance Instructor
Yolanda began instructing to follow her dance dreams. Her motto was "stop making a living and start living life". Her Ballroom and Latin dance career started in 2012 at Tempo Ballroom in Madison, WI. There she enjoyed working with people by teaching groups and private lessons. In addition, she instructed the Zumba classes at Tempo and was the Zumba Fitness instructor in Basic 1, 2, and Toning.

Yolanda brought her talent to Dance New York-Iowa in 2013 and has enjoyed working with people of all ages and skill levels.